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learning a living - train the trainer
Train the Trainer

The spectrum of learning we cover in Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer to
Design learning and development programmes
Facilitate /deliver learning and development
Project manage L&D programmes
Train the Trainer to Train the Trainer
Build an internal pool of experts to cascade Train the Trainer programmes

Some of the things WE can equip YOU to do for yourself

Design engaging training programmes in any subject, for face-to-face or remote delivery
Develop the training skills of anyone in the organisation who has to introduce new products or processes
Use the core skills from our Train the Trainer programmes to improve meetings and manage projects better
Gain commitment and sponsorship from key stakeholders for training

So, what's different about OUR approach?

Our Action Learning approach allows you to develop great training skills while tackling your own training projects
Our approach led to winning a National Training Award something we are extremely proud of


I was privileged to take part in a "train the trainer" program developed by Jane and her colleagues for Synovate in early 2009. The program was motivating, engaging and inspiring, and led to real changes in the organisation. On a personal level, I found the program to be hugely inspiring, leading to significant changes in the way I engaged with internal & external stakeholders.

Neil Gains


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