learning a living
learning a living - coaching
The spectrum of learning we cover in Coaching
Executive Coaching
Team Coaching
Coaching Skills Development

Some of the things WE can equip YOU to do for yourself

Provide professional coaching to your employees
Implement an Action Learning approach to team coaching and project management
Develop the coaching skills of your line managers
Provide expert coaching services internally, including telephone coaching

So, what's different about OUR approach?

We use Results Coaching brain-based coaching methods (www.resultscoachingsystems.co.uk) to help coachees to think differently
Our solutions-focused, action oriented approach allows coachees to achieve important goals rapidly
Cost-effective coaching delivered remotely via telephone and online support


“I entered the coaching process with some caution, partly unsure if it was going to be a success. It became very clear on the first week that not only was it going to be a success but that it would help to shape our business vision, goals, and strategies quite fundamentally; both in the way we worked with clients but also importantly increasing both our client base and profits. Financially,the programme paid for itself within the 12 weeks of the programme. I would highly recommend Jane's services.”

Dominic McCanny – Principal Interventus


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