learning a living
learning a living - behaviours for success
Behaviours for Success

The spectrum of learning we cover in Behaviours for Success

Designing behavioural competency frameworks
Job Analysis techniques
Integrating competencies into selection, assessment and development processes

Some of the things WE can equip YOU to do for yourself

Design your own competencies
Win line management support for the use of competencies in decision making
Use competencies to deliver an integrated approach to selection, development and performance management
Make it easy for employees to adopt competencies for self-development

So, what's different about OUR approach?

We start with the end in mind what problems do you want your competencies to solve? and help you design a framework in line with your goals.
We help you turn competencies instantly into practical applications e.g. 360 feedback, competency based interviews, self-development tools, etc.
We train you in the skills that will enable you to be self-sufficient in refreshing and updating your competencies.


"Jane made the process of developing a bespoke competency framework for Young's Seafood really simple and painless. The end result is user friendly and very relevant because it uses our everyday language to help people understand and describe the behaviours we value and that will help the business and its people succeed."

Hilary Jack
Group Training & Development Manager


Click here to download Competency Project Overview (PDF)
An example of a great blueprint for clarifying aims, objectives
and timescales for competency design project