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What we've been up to…

  Designing and piloting a three-tier Career Development programme for DB Schenker.  What worked brilliantly was using participants from the higher level programmes as observers and coaches on the next level programmes.  It meant that these leaders had a ‘double whammy’ of learning and also built stronger relationships up and across the organisation.
Designing a range of assessment centres to help Kiddicare recruit managers and store colleagues for the lovely new shops that they are opening across the country.  Great to help them make the most of taking a strengths-based approach to finding people who are exactly the right fit for the unique Kiddicare culture.
Supporting a number of organisational restructuring projects within Grafton GB Merchanting by designing a new competency framework and running robust assessment centres to identify the right people for new roles.  
Collaborating with VesseyHopperMcVeigh on the design of a 2.5 hour virtual workshop on ‘Unlocking Potential’ – drew considerably on the field of neuroscience here, with particular reference to David Rock and Carol Dweck.
Jane has now been awarded her professional coaching ‘badge’ (PCC) by the International Coach Federation, having clocked up over 800 hours of executive and personal coaching, as well as continuing with her own professional development as a coach through training and mentoring.

Interesting stuff we've learned recently…

Had our first experience of using Adobe Connect for a virtual workshop.  It was great – close to running a face-to-face workshop, with the breakout rooms and the chatpods really helping engagement and interaction.  Realised how important it is to have a great Producer to manage and run the technical set-up.
We’re very taken with ‘Switch’ by Chip and Dan Heath, subtitled ‘how to change things when change is hard’.  Love the way they break change management down into the 3 elements of providing direction (direct the rider), emotional engagement (motivate the elephant) and making change easier/more practical (shape the path). 

What we're involved in now…

Supporting Royal Caribbean Cruises in the design and delivery of a brand new European Development Programme where participants will develop their potential and have the opportunity to impact on key business projects.
Facilitating a strategic change project at DB Schenker using Action Learning with the core team.
Working with Neuroleadership Group on the training, assessment and mentoring of coaches.
Helping Grafton GB Merchanting in the development of a new approach to performance management – moving from annual appraisals to continuous performance improvement.